Learning Experience

I was thinking today of all the various things I have learnt since having Graeme.

  • Graeme can give himself a fright, yet I can cough and he wont budge.
  • Pregnancy is too short and goes too quickly. I miss feeling him move.
  • When at shops 90% of women have to look at the baby, even if that means falling over themselves to see.
  • You can change a nappy and it can need to be changed 2 minutes later.
  • I never tire of staring at him.
  • Little people go through lots of clothes.
  • Never think you have nappy changing down, cause thats when you get wet.
  • Baby breath smells better than puppy breath.
  • I can’t get enough smiles.

(I will keep updating this post as I learn more 🙂 )