How I met my Mother-in-Law

There is competition on a forum I take part in, where you submit a funny story about your MIL (Mother-in-Law). So I thought I would share my story here too.

My MIL passed away in 2004, hubby and I only met in 2006. So I never actually met her.

My hubby was staying with his aunt when I met him. Being a typical male his room was very disorganized. So I decided I would give it a good spring clean. While I was doing this I came across a white box with his mother’s name on it (I so should have clicked at this point). So being curious I opened it and found a bag of what I thought was sand or bits of sea shells.

So I called hubby and asked him what it was.
He very calmly looked at me and said “I would like you to meet my mother.”

I wished the earth would sallow me whole.