The little world in my mind

I had the most random dream last night and I have to share.

I flew home and Bearn fetched Graeme and I from the airport, we then went out for supper. Once done we headed home. -I know it still sounds pretty normal…

When home Bearn’s aunt came out but she was only wearing towels, this she said was because she had no clothes and I could have what she did have. I then went to fetch Graeme from the car but he he was not there. I had left him at the restaurant. And Bearn being his chilled self says “Oh, I am sure he will still be there, we can fetch him just now.”

I decided to fetch him and as I am reversing out of the driveway Bearn opens the driveway across the road and I reverse into it and get locked in. I then asked the kid there to open for me and he did. But he then calls his father who wants to find me.

So I get out the car to hide. While I am hiding I can see Bearn sitting on the garage floor playing with building blocks.

Thank heavens the dream ended there. Now to figure out what I ate before bed last night. hmmmm