The big reveal

Last year I had the idea to do a secret santa with other mommy bloggers.

All the presents have been sent according to my knowledge. So here is the list of who was a secret santa to whom:

I had a lot of fun doing this! I learnt some new things about organisation like how not to send one person 2 recipients (luckily it was early on in the sending so I could fix it) and what to do for ‘next’ time round.

Although I am not sure I can do it next time as I may not be in the country (thats for a different post).

I hope every one had as much fun partaking in this as I did. 🙂 What did every one get?



Bloggers Secret Santa List.

Its come the time to annonce the list of bloggers for Secret Santa.

I made the list I checked it twice, will check it another 3 times no doubt.

Drum roll please…

And here are the blogs involved in the first Bloggers Secret Santa:

And of course myself.

There are still 2 hours to enter in…

Dying to draw the names and start sending out the emails….