Waiting game

Who knew being married would have ‘rules’. I don’t mean as in not being allowed out or having to report my every move.

I mean unspoken rules. You need to be concerned about your other half but not to the point of possessive and stalker behaviour, yet at the same time not acting like you don’t give a sh!t. Being affectionate but not smothering. Giving freedom but maintaining control.

Bearn is now over in the States. It has not been easy without him but at the same time I am very lucky to be up in Joburg with mom. We chatted about him going long before Graeme was born. I felt that there is no reason that he should stay. Who knows when he would get this opportunity again and would they ask him to go again if he said he could not go cause of the baby.

He was scheduled to go on the 5th of June and off he went.

It has been interesting trying to catch him at a time he is on and a time I am on for Skype, but we have been managing. Having our daily chats- not that I could survive with out them even if it is a 2sec conversation.

For the past week he has been at a conference so he was scarce online, but he still came on. On Wed he never came on, then on Thursday up he pops. Only to tell me his lap top, cell phone and passport has been stolen.

Four of them went out for supper and parked the car within view of their restaurant. Well they broke the back window and stole every thing. His was not the only passport to go catch the five finger discount, but he is the only one supposed to be leaving on Sunday.

He is in San Fran and the embassy is in LA. For them to get the temp passport with him staying in San Fran would take 5 days of couriering paperwork back and forth. So they have come up with the plan he will fly to LA, only problem with that plan is his only form of ID is his SA drivers. He was goingto just rock up at the airport and hope for the best.

Now I wait to find out when he can come home and if he could fly. Am I allowed to stress yet and how much?

*Update: They let him fly, he has temp passport and home on Tues.