I was sitting on the kitchen floor with Graeme within my vicinity and i needed to poep, as one does every now and then.

I looked around, the coast was clear, every one was out of ear shot besides the toddler, but its not like he cares about such things.

So I let my little one out and Graeme turns to look at me with a sparkle in his eye.

Graeme: “Mommy pooo – p”

Me: “Yes, shhhhhh”

Graeme: “Mommy pooo – p” Getting louder.

Me: “Yes, Quite now.”

Graeme: “Mommy pooo – p!!!!” Much louder.

Me: “Yes Graeme I poeped.”

Graeme just nods, smiles and goes back to whatever he was busy with in the first place.

Now really was that necessary??

*Poep is South African Slang for fart*


Its all fun and games.

Graeme has been playing the typical hide-behind-something-and-pop-up-game for a while now. It has been cute and all, even had a “doo” (boo) thrown in lately.

But the highlight of the last few days has been the good and proper game of hide and seek we have been playing.

No counting is involved, unless you can count “two-two-two” as counting.

I start the game by saying to him “Run and hide, run and hide” and I quickly run away from him making noisy little foot tapping sounds in the process. I will hide in the spare bedroom, either behind the door, the cupboard, in the cupboard or behind the curtain.

He quickly chases after me and looks in all the likely spots for me. When he does find me with the proudest grin, it is his turn and he makes his dash for it. His best spots are between the couch and the wall and between the chest of drawers and the wall <both in plain view>. There he stands quietly until I come up and grab him, which causes him to erupt in screeches of laughter. And thus starting the game again.

I really am loving this age.

Where’s graeme? 11


Graeme playing peek-a-boo in the cupboard.