A mind of his own

Along with the increased vocabulary seems to come a mind of one’s own.

Two incidents within one day proved to me that my little baby is not so much of a baby any more.

Case 1: I was lying on Bearn’s leg reading when Graeme walked into the room, gets on the bed and tells me that this is his Daddy. I explained to him that I understood this, but he is mine too and we can share. Well Graeme was not impressed with this comment and said to me, and I quote: “Mommy go away, go a couch.” When I got up playing all hurt, I asked him if I really must go I got a big smile and a “ja” back.

Case 2: Bearn made himself a peanut butter sarmie, Graeme sees said sarmie and asks for a piece. So Bearn breaks him off a piece and gives it to him, no Graeme wants both pieces and so Bearn hands over the other piece of bread. Bearn then asks Graeme if he may have some of the sarmie. Graeme thinks about this for a bit, and breaks off a tiny (about the size of the end of his finger) bit for Bearn. And tells Bearn to say Thank you.

The put on sad face.