Chronicles of the winky II

Before Graeme was born I decided to go the clothe nappy route. I then found out its easier in the first few weeks to stick to disposable, so I did that. Then I went up to Joburg for 3 weeks and could not take all the nappies with so stayed with disposables there too.

Once I came home and was settled in I looked at the whole set up. I figured it was not higher grade. So on one the first lot goes. I looked at this and thought the leg whole was too big, I was under the impression it should form a seal. I took it off so I could find out.

I found some info saying that it would be ok if the nappy was not touching the material trim. (Did not quite make sense as he moves around, but I don’t know better in this situation) So I got all excited an on went the clothe nappy. Even he looks impressed with the whole idea.

Well this is when it all went pear shaped. He hates being wet or having a poo bum. So he did his business and started screaming blue murder. I found out at this point that it had leaked out -surprise surprise. So I stripped everything off and just as he starts to calm, he manages this ark of wee right onto his face. He was sooo upset with himself, the poor little man.

I will take another swing at clothe nappies once I get better water proofs.