A mind of his own

Along with the increased vocabulary seems to come a mind of one’s own.

Two incidents within one day proved to me that my little baby is not so much of a baby any more.

Case 1: I was lying on Bearn’s leg reading when Graeme walked into the room, gets on the bed and tells me that this is his Daddy. I explained to him that I understood this, but he is mine too and we can share. Well Graeme was not impressed with this comment and said to me, and I quote: “Mommy go away, go a couch.” When I got up playing all hurt, I asked him if I really must go I got a big smile and a “ja” back.

Case 2: Bearn made himself a peanut butter sarmie, Graeme sees said sarmie and asks for a piece. So Bearn breaks him off a piece and gives it to him, no Graeme wants both pieces and so Bearn hands over the other piece of bread. Bearn then asks Graeme if he may have some of the sarmie. Graeme thinks about this for a bit, and breaks off a tiny (about the size of the end of his finger) bit for Bearn. And tells Bearn to say Thank you.

The put on sad face.


“No poo in bath…”

About a week and a half ago I started potty training Graeme. We chose to go for the pants-less approach while at home.

First proper day is a huge success. All wee’s and even a poo go in the potty. I kept thinking why do people put it off when it is this easy.

Well we went on to him not pooing for 2 days and it finally came on the carpet. He has been regular since but not once in the potty again. I have done all the positive reinforcement to no avail.

Last night he went wee on the potty, then jumped in the bath. I could see he needed to poo but he would not go on the potty. I just hoped it would not go in the bath. So I left him to play while I read my book.

Next thing he says to me “No poo in bath.”, trying to hand me two handfuls of poo. Again he repeats “No poo in bath.”Needless to say he was very happy with himself that he did not go in the bath after all.

Today was along the same lines, except he went for a wee as soon as we got home from the shops and ran off with no pants on and chose to sit in his pram. That was a real fun clean up. Child was thrown in the bath and the pram got a scrub down.

Now is the point that I eat my words that potty training is easy.

There’s a rustle in the bushes

We have a large deck that goes some distance over the garden below, our house is built on a hill.

Bearn and I are out side the other night, it is pitch black and we hear a rustling and scratching coming from the garden below. If we try move towards the noise it goes quiet, so its obviously aware of us. We try look over but cant even see the ground it is so dark. Oh well hopefully it was a bird…

Two nights later Bearn hears the same thing but it was early in the evening so a fair bit more light. He sees the ‘critter’ and shouts for me to come look.

I got outside just in time to see a skunk go under the deck at its own leisurely pace.

So we have a skunk living in our backyard… Don’t know how much exploring i will have Graeme doing.

On a side note I have seen deer walking in the street. There is a large national park a road up.

Cordornices Park


Smiles in the sand pit.

Graeme and I went to the park down the road from us today and yesterday – hence the 2 outfits. He loves going.


Getting to the top of the slide


“Hold Tight”


1 2 3…


Almost Ready


Brown eyed boy


Swishing the hair


Little children’s play area


Big Children’s play area and basketball court.


Graeme walking up to the river


Taking a closer look.


Nope this is not for me would rather be right by my mommy.


Walking towards the light in the tunnel.


Berkeley Rose garden


Down da steps


Rose garden


Water drops on a cobweb.


Awesome tree


The tunnel and path up to the road


View over park from the bus stop


Good snack spot


Waiting for our bus home.

Our New Home

After staying in the temp home over here for 2 weeks we found ourselves a place in Berkeley Hills. All I can say is that it has amazing views. I just want to put a couple of pics up to show and I will go into more details about the place in another post. 


ImageFront of the house, view from the road. ImageFire place in the lounge. 

ImageDinning room, view out onto the bay. ImageKitchen. A bit dated, but will serve us fine.ImageView from the deck. ImageView of the bay from the deck.


These photos are the ones off the website, the furnishings are the same as it is a fully furnished place. I will take better photos once the place is spotless – Thats a different blog post all together.

The Public Library

I went to the library the other day just as a pass through and found what was needed to get a library card. I was informed a picture id with my address on it or something addressed to me at my current address.

So on Wednesday off I go armed with my passport and the ticket with my address on from social security. She starts the process off me filling in forms while Bearn and Graeme choose some books.

Out of curiousity I ask how many books we are allowed to take out. Standard in South Africa is 4 or 6, so logically I was expecting a similar response. I think my mouth fell open a bit and I may have drooled when she said to me Graeme and I are allowed 50 items between the 2 of us. Yes that was 50. Of which 8 of those can be dvds. I must add I did not pay a cent, and if I loose my card it will cost a whole $2 to replace.

She then said she needs 10 minutes to complete and load all of my info. I decided I would check out the dvd section. I should add that the dvd section was bigger than some video stores back home and that was just the kids section. I could not decide what to get him so went with one I know he enjoys, Charlie and Lola.

When it came to checking out books I expected to go to the counter where she would scan and stamp all of the books. Nope. There is a computer on the side that you do a self check out at. You place the book on a metal tray, it reads the ‘chip’ inside and your book is checked out, you even get a receipt with the return dates on.

I have yet to explore the adult section of the library, after all it is only 5 floors. I am hoping on taking Graeme and him passing out then I can get myself some books too. I think I was in a mini book heaven, not that you can call it mini by any means.

Popcorn any one?

Last week Sunday (10 days ago) my mother went out, we dont have a car up here so rely on hers. Graeme and I were watching a movie and munching on popcorn. He has a habit on eating the half popped kernels, so when he was playing with them I never took notice. Until he said to me “Pop, no (Nose)” while pointing up his nose.

I looked up the nose and saw what could have been a kernel, run through tell Bearn and phone my mother to get home. I look again with a torch and there is nothing. So I figured what I saw must have just been a snolley.

Call off my mom and tell Bearn I made a mistake. About 10 minutes later I ask him if there is anything up his nose, he sticks his finger up and gives me a big snot ball. Ok, I must have just been over reacting.

I forgot completely about the snot / popcorn ball.

Until yesterday, I was flipping Graeme up and down and just general throwing him around. I swing him back up and out pops a popcorn kernel. Thats right there was a popcorn kernel up my child’s nose for 10 days.

It was slightly swollen and snotty but still looks as good as when it was put up.

Note to Self: When he says there is popcorn / any other foreign object up the nose, there probably is!

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